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Guys, I'm 68, now, and have skied for 67 of those years. In that time, I've skied all over the world, worked in shops, taught, spent 16 years as a National Senior Patroller at Kirkwood, and used to run the projector for Dick Barrymore when he came to town. I've seen pretty much every ski movie known to God. Lifted is flat out, absolutely, no compromise and above all NO SHIT, the BEST ski film ever made. And yes, we do have copies (of course!!). Thanks for putting it all together, and showing the Ridge as the perfect, wonderful place that it is! I'll be watching it pretty much all summer, and while I also love golf, casting a fly and bowhunting, I'm still praying for snow. Lifted is a great title-in our house we feel uplifted each time we watch it.

Jerry Griffin

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A wintertime love story exploring the universal attraction between skier, boarder and mountain. From first chair to flamingo days, from deep powder to epic corduroy, “Lifted: A Ski Film for the Rest of Us” celebrates athletes and amateurs of all shapes and styles. Have craft mountains become endangered? Or are hometown hills an eternal source of stoke and adventure for generations to come? Pull out the long underwear and grab a beer as we follow one community’s quest to get LIFTED.